If you have a product that uses an overlay, you know how important clear text, properly positioned graphics and functionality are for the end user. Mastro Graphics has exceptional know-how and the most stringent standards when it comes to producing simple and complex overlays. 

Our goal is to ensure each overlay we create enhances the relationship with your customer for the life of your product.

Benefits of our OVERLAYS AND CAPABILITIES include:

• Many of our constructions are UL and CSA approved.

• Clear, textured, dead-front and transparent colored windows.

• Tight tolerance printing and die-cutting.

• Embossing permanent selective adhesives that last.

• Custom color matching to match painted parts.

• Custom die-cuts from your specs or an electronic die-line.

• Multiple materials to choose from such as Polycarbonate, Polyester and Vinyl.

• UV and scratch resistant materials.

• Indoor and outdoor applications.